Bobby Brown

mixed media

studio : Studio #54, 6 Vernon Street, 3rd floor
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  • Sacred Sticks
    2016, lignum vitae wood from Jamaica, 28 x 10 x 6 inches
  • Jewelry
    2016, earrings and pendant of lignum vitae wood and beads
  • City with Train
    2015, mixed media, 18 x 24 inches
  • Assorted handmade blocks
    2014, local woods

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A big part of what motivates me as an artist is the need to work or play with a variety of materials, the need to do something with my hands. Forty years of being a teacher with young children and teaching workshops to people of all ages in using recycled materials to make art has given me two important things: a chance to observe children's art-making process and access to many free, exciting, unusual materials to play with. Years of working first as an employee and now as a volunteer and Board member of Extras for Creative Re-Use has been pivotal, as has gathering materials by the roadside on my many walks. My masks are my way of expressing the many roles I must play in my life, an acknowledgement of the characters within me. The materials speak to me and I listen. I love figuring out how to make connections that are visually appealing and powerful. The process of play with “stuff” is a comfortable way for me to be and to survive in an uncomfortable world.This summer I shared an exhibit, IN CLOSE PROXIMITY, with my wife, artist Joan Green at the Multicultural Art Center in Cambridge, MA.