Ariel Freiberg

figurative paintings and works on paper

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  • Key To Your Heart
    2009, oil on canvas, 60" x 84"
  • Heart Strings
    2012, oil on linen, 20" x 24"
  • Breaking Ground
    2011, oil on canvas, 48" x 64"
  • Rake Progress
    2012, oil on linen, 32" x 48"

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Ariel Freiberg's work is emotive in aesthetic, demonstrates masterful technique, and provides the viewer with a rare glimpse into her inner thoughts. She is evocative in her expression of the female form and her artistic style defines all things unique with regard to sexuality and its inevitable link to beauty. The images Freiberg creates manipulate the female form and represent a strength which elicits itself through a slight vulnerability. The women depicted in her work demonstrate an innate awareness of the magnificence that exists in us all.


The characters in my paintings are in transition, both sexually and environmentally. These characters are not "made up"; they are found through a process of drawing, printing and observation. Their shapes and personae interact with the environment of each painting and evolve throughout their creation.

The mirrors signify false doorways for the viewer and the characters. The mirrors may hold reflections or glimpses of a tangible memory. They are faces without traditional features. And maybe they will act as guides to a parallel world between the mind's vision and our deepest feelings.

My impulse to make these works of art stems from the innate human desire to prefer exaggerated, exceedingly human images of the body. This desire has been present for as long as art has been created.

I hope my art elicits laughter, smirks, questions and a bit of an adrenaline rush.

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