Robert Puig Reyes

painting and drawing

email :
studio: 6 Vernon Street, studio #10


  • Blood Sport
    2012, mixed media paper collage, 70 x 99 inches
  • Goose with the Golden Egg
    2012, mixed media on canvas, 48 x 48 inches
  • Please Return My Painting
    2012, mixed media on paper, 38 x 42 inches
  • Peaceful Energetic Crash
    2012, mixed media on paper, 38 x 42 inches

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3/06 Axiom Gallery, “Some Drawings by Four Artists”, Houston, TX.
12/04 The Gallery@ Green Street, “ 150 x 150 “, Jamaica Plain, MA.
9/02 The Somerville Museum, "Paradox", Somerville, MA.
2/01 Cambridge Art Association, "Hot Colors", Cambridge, MA.
2/01 Brickbottom Art Gallery, "Exhibition of Recent Grant Winners 2000",
Somerville, MA.
6/00 Artana Gallery, "Group Exhibition", Saxonville, MA.
7/00 The Massachusetts College of Art, Doran Gallery, "III Painters", Boston, MA.
1/00 Mike Price Gallery, "New Talent 2000", Boston, MA.
12/99 Barbara Krakow Gallery, "Anything but Paper Prayers", Boston, MA.
12/92 The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, "December Sale", Boston, MA.
10/99 The Somerville Museum, "A Survey of Local Contemporary Works",
Somerville, MA.
9/99 The Diesel Café, "Local Contemporary Works", Somerville, MA.
2/99 Transco Towers Gallery, "Alive and Making It", Houston, TX.
3/98 Washington Street Arts Center, "Holiday Exhibition", Somerville, MA.
2/98 The Dirt Gallery, "Pre-Millennium Stress", Kansas City, MO.
5/97 The Addis Gallery, "Solo Exhibition", Somerville, MA.
11/96 Harvard University, Ticknor Gallery, "Solo Exhibition", Cambridge, MA.
4/94 Tufts University, Aidekman Arts Center, "In Light of Our Reflection", Medford, MA.
7/93 Absynth Gallery, "Group Show", Boston, MA.
12/93 Diverse Works, "X Marks the Spot", Houston, TX.
3/91 The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, "Graduate Thesis",
Houston, TX.


Member of the Somerville Arts Council, Somerville, MA. 1/00-12/02
Brickbottom Gallery, "Exhibition of Recent Grant Winners 2000": Curator, Somerville, MA. 2/01
The Somerville Museum, "Supernal Oddities": Curator, Somerville, MA. 9/00
The Massachusetts College of Arts, Doran Gallery, "III Painters": Curator, Boston, MA. 7/00
Artana Gallery, Assistant to Director: Heather Roy. Saxonville, MA. 2/00
The Somerville Museum, Local Survey of Contemporary Art: Curator, Somerville, MA. 9/99
Member of the Texas Fine Arts Association, Austin, TX. 1/98-1/00
The Diesel Café, Local Contemporary Works: Curator, Somerville, MA. 9/99
Addis Gallery, Co-Owner/Curator, Somerville, MA. 12/96-7/97
The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Grossman Gallery, Assistant to Director: Lelia Amalfitano. Boston, MA. 1/92-1/94
Absynth Gallery, Assistant to Director: Allison McDermitt. Boston, MA. 3/93-7/93
Artisans Gallery, Assistant to Director: Lilly Green. Boston, MA. 9/93-12/93
Equus Gallery, Assistant to Director: Peter Barns. Boston, MA. 1/92-9/92
The High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Visual Arts Committee, Houston, TX. 9/90-5/91