Gabrielle Rossmer


studio : 6 Vernon Street, 2nd floor, Studio #21
contact :

  • Column with an End
    2015, plaster over wood, acrylic paint. 74"h x 16"w x 16"d
  • Scarlet Morning
    2015, plaster over wood, plastic, acrylic paint. 53"h x 9"w x 9"d
  • Elevated Column
    2015, plaster over wood, metal bolts, acrylic paint. 46.5"h x 9"w x 9"d
  • Eyes of the World
    2015, plaster over wood, cement, acrylic paint. 60"h x 9"w x 9"d

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The ideas are the starting point, the fluid running through the matter. The method is the veins and arteries through which the ideas flow. And the materials are, in many ways, what it is all about. This group of work uses very traditional materials, but in somewhat unconventional ways. There is no more to say about it. Seeing is believing. 


B.A. Brandeis University, Waltham, MA and M.Ed. Mass. College of Art, Boston, MA 

solo exhibitions 

2015 Hallspace Gallery, Boston, MA
2012 Ceres Gallery, New York NY
2009 Ceres Gallery, New York, NY
2008 MPG Gallery, Boston, MA
2007 St. Gaudens National Historic Site, Cornish, NH
2005 Florida Holocaust Museum, St. Petersburg, FL
2005 LynnArts, Lynn, MA
2005 New England Biolabs, Beverly, MA
1998 Maris Gallery, Westfield State College, Westfield, MA
1994 Cathedral of St. John the Divine, New York, NY
1992 Space Gallery, Boston, MA (solo installaltion/two person show)
1991 Villa Dessauer (municipal museum), Bamberg, Germany
1987 Madeleine Carter Gallery, Brookline, MA
1979 Helen Shlien Gallery, Boston, MA 

selected group exhibitions 

2016 Trident Gallery, Gloucester, MA, “Persona”
2015 Lesley University, Cambridge, MA, “InSight”
2013 Juedisches in Bamberg, Villa Dessauer, Bamberg, Germany
2010 Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown, MA
2006 Aidekeman Gallery, Tufts University, Medford, MA
2002 Forest Hills Cemetery, Boston, MA (“Ancestral Memory”)
2000 Sculpture Park, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA
1999 Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, MA
1996 FPAC Gallery, 300 Summer Street, Boston, MA
1995 Minnesota Museum of American Art, St. Paul, MN. WITNESS &
    travelled to 17 cities through 2002.
1989 Hilles Library, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
1987 Federal Reserve Bank, Boston, MA
1984 Chesterwood National Trust, Stockbridge, MA
1984 Munson-Williams-Proctor-Institute, Utica, NY
1983 Goethe Institute, Boston, MA
1982 Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA 

honors and grants 

1991 Aubrey Cartwright Foundation, New York, NY
1990 Arts Lottery Grant, Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
1983 Mass. Council of Arts and Humanities, Artist-in Residence grant
1982 Mass. Council of Arts and Humanities, Artist-in Residence grant
1980 Sculpturespace, Residency. Utica, NY 

selected publications

2015 Cate McQuaid, Rossmer’s Personal Pedestals, 11/11, Boston Globe
2015 Elizabeth Michelman, Gabrielle Rossmer: Finding Truth in the Shadows,
     11-12/2015, Artscope
2013 Television and Press stories in Bamberg, Germany (numerous)
2007 Jo Evarts, Gabrielle Rossmer’s Figural Sculpture at Saint-Gaudens,
2003 Monica Bohm-Duchen, “The Uses & Abuses of Photography in Holocaust-
   Related Art” in Image & Remembrance: Representation & the Holocaust.
   Hornstein & Jacobowitz, Eds. Indiana University Press, p. 226.
2003 Stephen Feinstein, “Memory and Re-Memory: American Installation
   Art & HolocaustImagery in: Reclaiming Memory: Amer. Representations
   of the Holocaust,
Pirjo Ahokas  et al. Ed. Univ. of Turku, Finland. pp. 95-97.
1998 Bulletin Trimestriel de la Fondation Auschwitz. No. 60, 1998.
   Bruxelles, Belgium. “The Memory of Auschwitz in Contemporary Art”,
   Gabrielle Rossmer, pp. 189-196.
1998 Tim Cahill, Albany Times-Union. “Remembering, Not Recreatng the Lost”. 
1997 Matthew Beigell, Jewish American artist & the Holocaust. Rutgers
    U Press, New Brunswick, pp. 98-99, fig. 36.
1996 Cate McQuaid, The Boston Globe. “Anxious Inferences”.
1993 Nancy Stapen, Art News. “Boston, Gabrielle Rossmer”.
1987 Cristine Temin, The Boston Globe. “Fine Show at Fed Reserve”. 

selected collections 

DeCordova Museum   Lincoln, MA
Meditech Corporation   Westwood, MA
Municipal Museum   Bamberg, Germany
Robert & Sarah Leinbach   Brookline, MA
Charles Berg/Ashley Lieberman  Lexington, MA
Fla. Holocaust Museum   St. Petersburg, FL
South End Health Center   Boston, MA 
MA Sch Of Professional Psych   Boston, MA