Jane Sherrill


studio: 20 Vernon Street, 6th Floor West, Studio #80
email : jane@janesherrill.com
web : www.janesherrill.com


  • Blossoms
    2017, acrylic on wood panel, 16 X 20 inches
  • Looking Up
    2017, acrylic on wood panels, 40 X 20 inches
  • Red Bathing Suit 4
    2016, acrylic on wood panels, 18 X 40 inches
  • Red Bathing Suit 2
    2016, acrylic on wood panel, 16 X 20 inches

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All of my artwork is about energy, movement and change. I'm interested in how opposites exist simultaneously—how we live with inconsistencies. I think of my task as documenting the wondrous with paint and brush.

Recently I've become enamoured with the bark of trees. Many of our New England trees are covered with lichen and moss which glow with extreme color when wet.

My swimmers paintings are all about color—the cold blue line of water, from horizon to horizon, punctuated by a human swimmer in a bright-colored bathing suit. My plan is to paint loosely giving the feeling of movement—the way a swimmer moves in and out of water—reflections of flesh and bathing suit reverberating on the waves. I explore how loose I can make my brushstrokes before my results become unreadable, how far can I push my compositions yet still have my paintings work.