Kara Waxman

Mixed media

studio: 6 Vernon Street, 2nd floor, Studio #23
email : kara.e.waxman@gmail.com
web : www.karawaxman.com


  • Star at its Rising
    2016, mixed media (painting and fiber art materials on felt), 12 x 12 inches
  • In Utero (Goddaughter)
    2016, weaving and embroidery, 8 x 8½ inches
  • Garden Enclosed I
    2017, embroidery and needlefelting on fabric, 3 x 3 inches
  • Detail image of "Garden Enclosed I"
    2017, embroidery and needlepointing on fabric

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Artist bio

Kara Waxman is an artist based in Cambridge, MA and is employed in museum administration. She works primarily in mixed media by blending fiber art materials and techniques with a painterly approach, often combining embroidery and felting with acrylic and watercolor. She loves the tactility of these materials and the range of processes and pacing that they demand while rendering still lifes and figurative scenes. A graduate of MassArt (MFA, 2-D Media, 2011), Brandeis (Post-Baccalaureate, Studio Art, 2007), and Boston University (BFA, Painting, 2006), as well as a Fulbright Grant Recipient in Painting (2007), she has also exhibited locally and internationally in Boston, New York and Ireland.