Resa Blatman


studio: 6 Vernon Street, 2nd floor
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  • Trouble in Paradise 5
    2015, oil, Latex paint on PVC; plastic flora; 33½h x 17w x 8d inches
  • Trouble in Paradise 6
    2015, oil, Latex paint on panel; silk and plastic flora; 23h x 38w x 7d inches
  • Trouble in Paradise 7
    2015, oil, Latex paint, and sand on laser-cut panels; plastic flora; 55h x 34½w x 10d inches
  • The Unfrozen North 1
    2014, oil on Mylar; 11h x 14w inches

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Lush and representational depictions of nature is an ongoing focus in my work -- my current paintings and installations speak specifically to a warming planet/environmental issues, their effect on our landscape and natural resources, and how we perceive the changes in the environment. To reflect this concept more directly, the paintings’ subjects and surfaces are heavily layered and sometimes the surfaces are split apart, with laser-cut forms that mimic tree branches, coral, and flora. This creates a physicality and metaphorical sound like the poetic violence of an iceberg cracking. As we become even more aware of the precarious nature of our habitat, this work speaks to the vulnerability of the earth that we so easily take for granted.