Susan Sills

painting / mixed media

studio : 20 Vernon Street, 5th floor
email :
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  • Just in Time
    2006, mixed media, 24" x 18"
  • Here It Is
    2006, mixed media, 24" x 18"
  • Just a Moment
    2007, mixed media, 20" x 16"
  • It's About Time
    2007, mixed media, 30" x 24"

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The complex nature of our visual world can be simplified by isolating the pure elements of form, color, texture and light. But our world is often confounded and enriched by our memories, relationships, and the images that touch us daily and fill the fleeting moments of our lives.  My work explores the intersection of these elements…through painting and photographs…and can range from somber to playful as the creative process unfolds.
In 1997 my creative vision, that was once rooted in the physical environment, shifted towards the realm of the abstract…The architectural elements and images that were ingrained in my psyche resurfaced somewhere between the safe, structured environment of the world around us and the chaos of the textures within us all.


Born in Chicago, I have lived in Cambridge and the Boston area since 1973. After becoming an architect, and while practicing architecture from 1978 through the early 1990’s, I spent many hours designing, drawing, and sketching. I returned to painting and photography as my professional life shifted away from architecture and I have found inspiration and fulfillment in the creative process.